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APBR Kennel Certification

So you are interested in becoming a Certified Kennel with the American PitBull Registry ( APBR ). Having your kennel Certified through the American PitBull Registry ( APBR ) is a service that is available exclusively to APBR members who are responsible in their ownership and breeding practices and honest in their representation of the PitBull to their prospective buyers and the general community. 

Being a Certified Kennel comes with many benefits including referrals, special inclusion in our APBR PitBull Classifieds, dedicated Web site listing, Web site technical assistance on how one can develop or improve a Web site of their own and more.

At the American PitBull Registry ( APBR ) we maintain the largest sites on the Internet in regards to the American PitBull Terrier ( APBT ) dog breed and receive approximately 10+ Million hits each month and rank in the top 1% of all site on the World Wide Web. Having your kennel listed as a Certified Kennel with us is the single greatest marketing opportunity available at providing exposure to your services. Having your link placed with us in our Certified Kennel section and a special listing in our APBR PitBull Classifieds will create a doorway to you in which to attract highly focused potential responsible buyers. 

The steps necessary to become a member are quite easy.

        1. Become a member by registering your Pit(s).

        2. Fill out a Kennel Certification Code of Ethics Contract and send it in.

If you are a new member these processes can be done at the same time. If you are an existing APBR member then simply complete step 2.

Once we receive your material and have it listed in our database we will be happy to review your site for inclusion. If in the review of your site we find questionable material we will ask that you remove or modify your material before we create a link to you. If your site is one that promotes the PitBull in a positive manner we will then create a link to you. This link can be in the form of a text link or banner link if you have one available.

We highly encourage the use of a banner as these have proven to receive a much higher response rate.

In the review of your site we will additionally make suggestions that we think would help improve your ranks in the search engines. This will include both a content review and an underlying code review.

If you do not have a site we will work with you in the development of one if you would like to maintain an Internet presence. We will provide free technical assistance in site development and make referrals to you of host providers we think will meet your needs.



PitBull Myth:

There is a over population of PitBulls.

PitBull Fact:

While in many shelters PitBulls are over represented in comparison to other pure breeds this is not due to an over population issue but more due to bad internal adoption policies within many humane organizations and of a lack of understanding about the breed resulting in an unnatural deflation in demand. This misperception has led to further under supported demand and fewer adoptions. Lack of understanding and a sensationalist media unfairly portrays the breed further deflating value and supports a throw away mentality by many within the community. Unfair seizure due to breed specific legislation and lack of new and innovative approaches to placing needy Pits have further supported the false myth that there is an overpopulation within the breed. The American PitBull Registry is the only registry in the world to tackle the issue of needy pure bred Pits with new and innovative approaches and has set up the only PitBull Resource Network dedicated to finding all pure bred PitBulls in need a good home.