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Famous PitBull Owners

Many a famous people such as Rachel Ray, Ashley Olsen, Pink, Jessica Alba, Jesse James ( West Coast Choppers) Fred Astaire, President Roosevelt, Jack Dempsy, Thomas Edison, Madonna, Michael J Fox, Brad Pitt, Bernadette Peters, Sinbad, Alicia Silverstone, Linda Blair, Humphrey Bogart, Usher, Mel Brooks, Ann Bancroft, John Stuart, Jan Michael Vincent, Pink (the singer), Kelli Williams (Actress from The Practice), Ken Howard (Father in Crossing Jordon - his Pit Shadow saved his life), Malcolm Jamal Warner, Stephan Jenkins, Rosie Perez, Amanda Lewis, Amy Jo Johnson, Mary Tyler Moore, Steve and Terrie Erwin (Crockhunters), Jack Johnson (Hawaiian singer), Bill Berloni (Broadway show dog trainer who has said that the Pit is the breed of choice for training), Anthony Robbins, Molly Price (Actress from Third Watch), President Woodrow Wilson, Frankie Muniz, AJ Mclean, Barbara Eden, and even Helen Keller have been lucky enough to own this magnificent animal.

Well known sports figures who own PitBulls include: Tennis Star Serena Williams (Bambi), Professional Basketball Players Desmond Mason (Zane, Capone), Rashard Lewis (Cookie, Angel, Ginger), Amare Stoudemire (JT, Ace, Deuce), Alton Ford (Mischif, Rosy, Spicey, Diable +3 pups with names unknown), Tamika Dixon and Mo Vaughn.



PitBull Myth:

Being famous holds such people to higher standards and that is why they do not own PitBulls or mistreat them.

PitBull Fact:

As seen from the above well known names this is obviously not true. Unfortunately many famous PitBulls owners do not advocate enough on the PitBull breeds behalf. Even more unfortunately is when people like Michael Vicks own Pits they cause great harm to the breed that takes significant re-education of the public to overcome. Our opinion on Michael Vicks is he deserves the treatment he gave to his PitBulls and that society should not hold such cretins in esteem or give them a chance to become heroes in the minds of our children.