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PitBull Registration

Maybe you own a pure bred American PitBull Terrier that has somehow fallen out of the registration process and you wish to bring it back and show your pride as a PitBull owner.

Maybe you wish to add value through registration.

Well the wait is over. Now you can register your PitBull and begin taking advantage of the many unparalleled benefits the American PitBull Registry ( APBR ) has to offer.

Whether you know your PitBull's history or not, whether you are registered elsewhere or not, it all comes down to just one question: 

Is your dog a pure PitBull? If so, then the American PitBull Registry is the right registry for you.

There is no need to wait any longer without having your American PitBull Terrier ( APBT ) registered or receiving the support you deserve from your registry. The time has come for you to become a registered member of the American PitBull Registry ( APBR ) and show your PitBull pride and help promote the positives of the PitBull breed and its ownership.

So what are you waiting for? 

Become a member today and you too can soon experience the pride that goes along with owning an APBR registered pure bred American PitBull Terrier!

Click the option that best fits your style:

If you need forms to be sent to you, you may send us a written request at:

American PitBull Registry PO Box 1036 Antioch, TN 37011 USA

When sending request for forms please include a self addressed $.75 stamped envelope


PitBull Myth:

Only PitBulls with a lengthy registration history of their family can be registered with full privileges.

PitBull Fact:

While it is true that some registries will register a PitBull but will not provide full membership privileges to their owners this is not the case here at the American PitBull Registry. While we do require your PitBull to be pure bred to be regis treed with us and do encourage the submission of added genealogical information when possible genealogical documentation is not a requirement of registration with the APBR nor does lack of such negatively affect the benefits and services we make available to our members.