American Pit Bull Registry
Family Registration (Sire+Dam+Litter)

Family registration takes 2-4 weeks to process. After submitting this form you will receive a confirmation page that will allow you to make payment of the associated dues. Without payment material will not be processed. If you do not receive the confirmation page you may contact us about your material through our social network service at Please do allow for the standard processing time before contacting us about the receipt of your material. Submission of your Pit Bull is your testimony to your liter's breed purity.

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Added Comments - If one of the parents is owned by someone else please tell us here which parent it is, the owner name, address, phone and email(s) so we can properly note ownership and send them their material directly. 

Based on the number and size of your uploads this form may take a few moments. Please be patient and during this process.

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All pups must be registered at same time to receive litter discount.
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ALL registering ADULT Pit Bulls MUST HAVE a front and side picture on file.

Providing alternate registry pedigrees if any is not necessary but will help material enhancement.  When providing pedigrees you shold provide the largest pedigree you have. The larger the pedigree the more we can use to research and enhance your material. Pits with extended pedigrees may even qualify for our Super Pedigree Program that offers pedigrees up to 11 generations in size.