American Pit Bull Registry Kennel Certification

Kennel Certification takes 6-10 weeks to process. If you do not receive the confirmation page you may contact us about your material through our social network service at Please do allow for the standard processing time before contacting us about the receipt of your material. Submission of your kennel is your testiment that you will uphold each of the conditions below.

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All Conditions Below Are REQUIRED To Take Part In APBR Kennel Certification. If any condition is left uncompleted your Kennel Certification WILL NOT BE PROCESSED. Please read each carefully as these conditions are STRICTLY enforced. 

Desired Kennel Name* 

If the requested name is already taken by another APBR Member your kennel will have your state abbreviation or other identifying factor appended to separate your identities. You may submit multiple other options by separating each desired option by a comma. (Option 1, Option 2, Option 3) Long Kennel names are appended when in printed pedigree format.
Condition 1 - I do not condone nor will I promote the fighting, abuse or neglectful treatment of Pit Bulls in my possession or that I may sell to third parties. * 

Condition 2 - I will work to promote the positives of Pit Bull ownership and will educate both the general public and those seeking to purchase Pit Bulls from me on the truths and positive attributes of the Pit Bull. * 

Condition 3 - I will maintain my kennel to an adequate level of cleanliness to promote good health in both my adult and puppy populations. * 

Condition 4 - I will provide a healthy, adequate and properly balanced diet for all Pit Bulls in my care. * 

Condition 5 - I will make sure that all Pit Bulls in my care are supplied with fresh, clean and adequate amounts of water on a daily basis. * 

ondition 6 - I will provide proper restraint to all Pits in my care and make sure that non-compatible pets are kept separate.  

Condition 7 - I will provide safe, reliable weather resistant housing to all Pits in my care. * 

Condition 8 - I will make sure all Pit Bulls in my care are adequately socialized. * 

Condition 9 - I will provide my breeding females with adequate recovery and healing time between breedings and register no more than 3 litters per female over any 2 year period. * 

Condition 10 - I will make sure that ANY INBREEDING that takes place is SEPARATED BY A MINIMUM OF 4 GENERATIONS. * 

Condition 11 - I will offer reasonable warranties on all puppies sold and work with previous owners in the re-homing of such Pits if such a need arises. * 

Condition 12 - I will maintain adequate breeding records for all puppies bred through my kennel. * 

Condition 13 - I will insure that all Pits in my care will have regular and proper health care provided to include proper cleaning, grooming, de-worming and properly administered vaccinations relevant to their age. * 

Condition 14 - I will insure that all Pits in my care receive proper health care treatment by licensed professionals whenever there is a health issue beyond my control.* 

Condition 15 - I will place as the 1ST priority the improvement of the breed in each litter I seek to produce. * 

Condition 16 - I will be honest in ALL advertising and direct dealings with potential purchasers of my Pit Bulls that I hold for sale or transfer. * 

Condition 17 - I will provide to new owners copies of all necessary paperwork to complete or initiate registration of Pit Bulls through the APBR as well as copies of this Kennel Certification contract and subsequent Kennel Certification Certificate. * 

Condition 18 - I will report fighting, abuse and neglect conducted by other APBR Members to the APBR and when such need arises to the proper authorities in my area. * 

Condition 19 - I will NOT support any Breed Specific Legislation. * 

Condition 20 - I will work with other Pit Bull owners who may need my assistance in the maintenance or re-homing efforts of their Pit Bulls where such assistance does not place undue burden on myself. * 

Condition 21 - I will work to be a positive representative for the Pit Bull breed at all times. *