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Merle PitBull Pictures

In this section you will find pictures of Merle PitBulls. Merle PitBulls are very unique and as of late have been under unfair scrutiny by some in the registration industry. This unfair scrutiny is similar to that which the Old Family Red Nose faced in the past but has now overcome to be one of the most in demand lines. Due to their uniqueness demand varies but a true Merle PitBull enthusiast will appreciate the quality and individuality this line brings and are often willing to pay very well to acquire one of these PitBulls. If you would like your Merle PitBull pictures displayed through our site we can make this possible once you become a member. If you would like to become a member and register your American PitBull Terrier ( APBT ) puppy with us  you may visit our How to register and get papers on my PitBull for more details.

Visit our Live Member Gallery here located at also where you too can be part of an active PitBull community and view new pictures added daily.

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