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Responsible PitBull Breeding

Responsible PitBull breeding is the act of breeding in a manner that works to enhance the quality and health of the breed while at the same time doing so in a way that meets the desires and demands of ones community and customers.

Breeding PitBulls is not for everyone. Just because you have a PitBull does not mean you should breed it. Breeding PitBulls in a responsible manner takes a serious level of both time and financial dedication. Breeding just to breed can lead to much frustration, sadness and worse yet pups no one wants.

When breeding it is important to understand the demand within your community. Breeding unwanted PitBulls not only hurts the breed in the long run but will lead to countless wasted hours and money trying to find homes for Pit Bull puppies you are stuck with because no one seems to want them.

The PitBull community is a dedicated and growing one and for those that take the time to do their research and practice breeding in a responsible manner this can lead to a great deal of personal satisfaction as you see the happiness this brings to new responsible owners of your PitBull puppies.

Becoming a PitBull breeder should be considered a long-term endeavor and not a make money fast fantasy. Making money on breeding PitBulls is not easy and is often a source of great despair to those who are not willing to be fully invested financially and psychologically for the long-term.

Breeding PitBulls to the point where one can realize reasonable profits means building a rapport and developing a long-term customer base. Developing rapport and building a good customer base means meeting the demands individuals have and being available to customers long- term to support their needs. Statistics show it costs between 5-10 times more to find a new customer than to meet and maintain the needs of a current one. Being successful in business means learning how to do things better at a lower cost. Building and maintaining a satisfied and happy customer base is certainly one of the ways this can be assisted.

In order to build a satisfied customer base that will continue to return and refer other customers means that such customers will need to be happy with their PitBull for many years. In order to achieve this it is important to breed healthy Pits in a healthy manner. This means choosing only Pits to breed that are healthy, limiting breedings to give your females a chance to recover and properly out crossing to unrelated Pits.

One of the greatest problems in the pet breeding community (all breeds) is inbreeding. For years many registries have promoted inbreeding without realizing the long term negative health affects such practices have. To this day many breeders are still under the mind set this is a positive practice. Science has proven that such practices of inbreeding can lead to many health issues both in the long and short term. The three greatest problems health wise the PitBull has are all the product of inbreeding. These are hip dysplasia, reduced fertility and mental instability. Breeders do not often realize these affects as they may not reveal themselves for several years into a PitBulls life. Nothing will ruin your reputation as a good breeder faster than a previous customer having to spend thousands of dollars in corrective hip surgery or having an unstable and untrustworthy biter. Only through good breeding and proper out crossing can these issues be reduced and eliminated, helping the breed to continue to flourish as will the respect for your services in your community.

At the American PitBull Registry ( APBR ) we encourage our breeding members to take part in our FREE Kennel Certification Program. This is a program where participating individuals have signed a contract stating they will only breed in a responsible manner and will only deal with the community in an honest and ethical manner and promote the positive of the PitBull breed. To review the qualifications for FREE Kennel Certification you may click here.