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White PitBulls are relatively rare in their purest white states as white is so recessive that it is often dominated by any other color in a breeding. Whites come in various types and are often mis-classified as albino. While albino is certainly white it is actually quite rare. The more prevalent white is known as leucistic and is characterized by a black or other colored nose.

Like the red lines white PitBulls have also faced their fair share of discrimination and bias within the PitBull community. This discrimination tends to come in waves where they fall far out of fashion and then slowly regain their ground to only start the cycle over again.

While there is some truth to higher risks of health related issues these seem to tend more toward the albinistic specimens vs. those who are leucistic. The most common health issues associated with white PitBulls are higher risk of hearing and vision issues due to the impact melanin has on auditory and visual development. Another health issues is a higher risk of skin cancer, which tends to effect those who are kept outside more than those kept as inside pets. The obvious correlation here is sun exposure and sunburn. People often do not think about their dogs getting sunburn but like humans they do and so the risk of skin cancer is also increased. Whether the dog is going to be an inside or outside dog should be taken into consideration when deciding if a white PitBull is right for you.

One of the main advantages of white lines is their highly recessive traits. Because of this they often work well in a breeding program that wishes to seek higher color diversity in the offspring they produce. Just about everyone loves to look at white PitBull pictures as there is just something endearing about them that makes one want to find their very own to hold.

We hope you have enjoyed all the white PitBull pictures in our gallery and encourage you to also visit our APBR Member Gallery where members have contributed close to 30,000 of their own pictures.

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